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I appreciate your time, and thank you.

I wish I could tattoo everybody, but I only have a pair of hands. It takes an incredible amount of time, effort, concentration to research and design each piece of artwork before it is applied to the skin. In return, I wish to see every project finished and in good timing. However, due to the fact that financial situations may cause some people not able to complete the project until many years down the road. When this happens it is difficult to match certain shades or colors because we constantly evolve with different inks and techniques to give us better results. I have had a waitlist for many years, but now I would like to prioritize collectors that are most serious about completing their project in good timing and already have all the the funds sorted out. This way there are no missed appointments due to finances and all we have to focus on is getting the end result of a beautiful tattoo.

I usually don't want to emphasize financial matters but the tattoo may take multiple sessions and requires one to be prepared to pay for the whole tattoo. If you are able to pay all upfront on the first session then psychologically you would be more inclined to finish what you started. This is the only way I can select the most serious collectors. Prices vary depending on the detail and area of the body. If you are serious in getting tattooed by me and you agree with what's mentioned above, please proceed to email me I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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