About Monkey King

About Monkey King

Monkey King Tattoos owner/artist Jeff Tam has been interested in tattoos at a very young age. He learned to tattoo on himself and his friends when they were in high school. Learning by the fire, and studying the craft while practicing the trade of tattoos; he decided to further his tattooing career after completing an Economics Degree at the University of British Columbia. Over the past eight years Jeff has traveled and honed his craft from Miami to Japan and the Czech Republic.

Jeff's experience in Japan with legendary artist Horiyoshi III was pivotal in his development. After several requests, the great master agreed to tattoo Jeff with the image of the Monkey King (a character from Chinese folklore). This, in turn, inspired Jeff in naming his own shop, Monkey King Tattoos.

Jeff Tam

Jeff views his art through his culture and specializes in tattooing Asian imagery and mythology. He approaches his art with feng shui, using this insight to create designs with traditional elements and characters. He likes to tattoo large and ornate pieces covering the entire arm or back. These elaborate tattoos are like garments in themselves. He is interested in the body-suit or "tuxedo" tattoo where almost all the skin is covered.

Jeff offers this advice to folds considering a first tattoo. "Have that idea where you can't live without it. You got to have that." Once you have a clear idea of what you need, Jeff can help you design a tattoo image using your ideas and his large catalogue of artwork and images. When the day for the sitting comes, be well rested and fed and ready to relax.